Hi all,

I'm currently fine-tuning my qmail + vpopmail + Dovecot + MySQL installation and I believe I've run into a problem. Dovecot is servicing both IMAP and POP3, using MySQL as the authentication middle-man. It seems however that vpopmail is storing its passwords as MD5-CRYPT in the MySQL tables, while I want Dovecot to use CRAM-MD5. This seems to be the most used authentication scheme by far, and I'd like to avoid using PLAIN or LOGIN authentications as they're not up to my security standards.

When I try setting default_pass_scheme = CRAM-MD5 in dovecot-sql.conf, Dovecot's auth worker complains with the following line:

Dec 11 12:31:52 onion dovecot: auth-worker(default): sql(r...@greyhat.nl, Password in passdb is not in expected scheme CRAM-MD5

Which makes sense, because the passwords are stored as MD5-CRYPT by vpopmail. I assume that my setup is not unique in its kind, which makes me wonder what I'm doing wrong here! Any insights on how to make this work using CRAM-MD5 passwords throughout the whole system would be greatly appreciated.

Bye, Ro


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