Hi all,

I'm new to the list but not to vpopmail ; I've been using it for a long
time in its cdb and mysql flavours..

Last night, I started building it with Oracle support, since it was
reported "functional" in the (shoooort) README.oracle ...

Just to be honest : pain in the a****
(Don't flame, go on :-) )

Lots of mistakes, compile errors, linker errors, typos, missing parts of
code and just obscure behaviours all the way long.... I think the
biggest problem is, this module has been ignored for months by the
community (and thus never aligned with the main code), as connecting
Oracle to open source mail solutions was quite rare, as stated, I guess.
This may be less evident now, with free Oracle distributions (XE). Well,
at least, yesterday, there was someone needing it.

Anyway, this morning I'm quite proud of saying, "Heyyyy it works!"

I have written a procedure of my 8-hour journey, what I changed, what I
added, etc. , and thought it may be of some use to other people. So
first, if anyone here has Oracle in mind, I may directly assist, or
maybe someone could direct me on how to have my changes merged into the
project as a new contribution? Let me say.

Take care,

(Config : RHEL 5, Oracle XE with InstantClient 11.2)
(And I'm french btw! Hope this is readeable)


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