Craig Green wrote:
On 2010-01-19 6:13 PM, Remo Mattei wrote:
One thing I like about sqwebmail is that you can create rules which the
other do not (maildrop) at least I have not seen it yet.

SquirrelMail has a server-side filter plugin for maildrop filters: (v 1.42)

We've used this for years with a custom setuid vpopmail Perl script to auth the user against vpopmail's MySQL table, return the path to the user's Maildir and manipulate the filter file.

Latest code is at, and from a quick glance at the docs apparently has virtual domains support built in. Looks to use the same basic idea: setuid and haul needed data from a given MySQL table.

I should have read further down in my emails when I asked about the filtering. I'll check this one out. We are not using MySQL, but maybe that won't be an issue...

Trey Nolen


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