Rick Macdougall wrote:
> On 27/01/2010 1:35 PM, DAve wrote:
>> Good afternoon all,
>> I was just getting going upgrading our Clamav install and beginning to
>> use clamav on our outbound mail as well as SA.
>> simscan: calling clamdscan
>> simscan: cdb looking up version clamav
>> simscan: fatal error executing clamdscan
>> simscan: exit error code: 71
>> qmail-inject: fatal: mail server temporarily rejected message (#4.3.0)
>> [r...@smtp1:/usr/local/src/simscan-1.4.0]# clamdscan .
>> /usr/local/src/simscan-1.4.0/.: OK
> Could be a permissions problem.  I've seen that error message with
> permission problems before.
> I've also sen it with selinux installed as well.

$5 to the man in the back. I did edited my new clamd.conf and changed
the user. I did not replace it.

It is working now, thank you.


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