We have just migrated to a new email server and are seeing a couple of issues. The first of which seems to be affecting people that still use POP before SMTP. We are "fixing" the issue for them as they call by moving them to SMTP-AUTH, which is preferred anyway, but I'd like for the POP before SMTP to work to at least cut down on our calls.

First, it does seem to work sometimes, so it is kind of weird. We are moving from Vpopmail 5.4.10 to 5.4.30. On the old server, the open-smtp file is owned by vpopmail:vchkpw. On the new server, it is root:root. The new server does not seem to update open-smtp.lock at all. Some users are experiencing 5.4.4 errors before we switch them to SMTP-AUTH. I have searched through the archives and found some mention of Courier making the open-smtp file owned by root, but we are using Dovecot (1.2.9). I'm not even sure if Dovecot supports the open-smtp. We were using Dovecot on the old server, but never had any complaints about it.
If anyone has any ideas, I'd appreciate it.

Trey Nolen


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