Nice.   That should fit the bill.

Trey Nolen

Ryan Anderson wrote:
From a cron job, we use find to remove the old files from the Maildir.

Eric Shubert wrote:
Trey Nolen wrote:
In the past, we have been using Sqwebmail to remove email from the
Trash folder periodically (by default 7 days).  Now, we have migrated
to a new server using the new Vpopmail which no longer supports
Sqwebmail.  We have moved to SquirrelMail for our main webmail
interface.  I would still like to be able to remove deleted items
after 7 days.  I have seen the Proon plugin for SquirrelMail, but I
believe it is too complex for most users, and it also will not let us
specify global defaults.   Does anyone out there have a solution they
are using?

Trey Nolen



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