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    You would be best off interfacing with the vpopmaild daemon.

    Instructions for running it and interfacing with it should be in the
    vpopmail source directory.

They're not. There's README.vpopmaild which addresses how to run it and
*says* it shows how to install it, but doesn't. So how do I install it?
It mentions the address to a wiki that isn't there. Is there a wiki or
community for this?


What version of vpopmail are you running ?

The README I have here contains the following snippets:

To run as daemon:
tcpserver -vHRD 0 89 ./vpopmaild

Then as client
telnet localhost 89

Or to run on the command line for testing

First login. example:
login postmas...@example.com password

Then for list of commands:

And then goes on with all the possible commands.

It assumes that you are in the bin directory of vpopmail, usually /home/vpopmail/bin




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