Hi Frederico,

Mabe it's a bug, but regarding the DNS TLD's standards, you should never have a non dot domain name or you will create a TLD's ;). New Internic Business Project ;)?

Event if you absolutely need one, I suggest to use {DOMAIN_NAME}.local. Using that syntax will ensure to keep your domain for local purpose.

Be sure to define correctly your local DNS to use it.



From: "Federico Santulli" <mob...@nhm.it>
Sent: Friday, April 30, 2010 3:33 AM
To: <vchkpw@inter7.com>
Subject: [vchkpw] vpopmail 5.4.30

Hi all,

since i was restoring ad updating server, i've updated also vpopmail from 5.4.27 to 5.4.30

Doing some tests on adding and deleting domains, i've experienced a bug related to non dotted domains.

for example if i use:

vadddomain testdomain testpassword

and then

vdeldomain testdomain

i've got the message "domain does not exists".

if i use vadddomain testdomain.ext testpassword


vdeldomain testdomain.ext

it works correctly.

Is there any fix for this ?


Federico Santulli


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