Thibault Richard wrote:

I'm using vpopmail since a few years with the compilation option "--disable-many-domains" (for historical reason because I followed Qmailrocks guide for my first installation).

If I've well understand, one one the difference between those compilation option is the MySQL table structure (if the option --enable-auth-module=mysql is used).

Could someone confirm that ? If I'm wrong, could someone tell me what are the option to use "one table per domain" or "one table for every domain"

I'm pretty sure this is correct.
--disable-many-domains = one table for each domain
--enable-many-domains = one table for all domains

One table for all domains seems to be a better database design. OTOH, can someone explain the reasons why one table for each domain (--disable-many-domains) might be a better choice?

Is there a MySQL script to convert the table structure between the two options ?

Not that I'm aware of, but I expect it would be fairly simple. I know of someone else who might be interested in this as well.

Thank you


-Eric 'shubes'


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