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I have searched for two days trying to figure out why I keep getting this error. I am using vpopmail 5.4.30 and mysql 5.0.77-4 on CentOS 5.4

I can reproduce the error by restarting the mysql server. The only way to make it work after restarting mysql is to also restart authdaemond.

I did find some info on the mailing list that says:

To describe the problem: when you run vpopmail in MySQL mode, with
courier-authdaemond and MySQL v5.0 or later, you will find that for the first 8
hours, everything works just fine, but after 8 hours, nobody will be able to
authenticate to the email server and you will see "MySQL server has gone away"
errors in the maillog.
The cause of the problem is that in MySQL 5.0 (and probably some 4.1 releases),
MySQL implements a new timeout definition for connections, a timeout that
ignores traffic.  This timeout will shut down the socket thread from the MySQL
side.  The problem is that the client (vchkpw and friends) do not
know/understand about this timeout and socket termination so they continue on
in ignorate bliss until they try to send to the socket and find that it's no
longer valid - literally "the server has gone away".

And a patch is offered but the version of vpop that I am running already has that patch installed.

Anyone else have any ideas?

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I had a similar problem and it was being caused by excess tuning to mysql. Now I run my mysql with this my.cnf

The issue was not with vpopmail but with web applications. A few years ago I had a mysqld has gone away but it was because a small max_connection value.

max_connections = 75 <-------------------- what is your number of max conn?
key_buffer = 120M
max_allowed_packet = 24M
table_cache = 3072
sort_buffer_size = 2M
read_buffer_size = 2M
read_rnd_buffer_size = 4M
myisam_sort_buffer_size = 64M
thread_cache_size = 8
query_cache_size = 128M
query_cache_limit = 2M
join_buffer_size = 1M
thread_concurrency = 2
long_query_time = 5
log-slow-queries = /tmp/slow-queries.log
open_files_limit = 6500
max_heap_table_size = 64M
query_cache_min_res_unit = 2K
wait_timeout = 60 <------------------- Watch this value it was giving my headache connect_timeout = 10 <------------------- Watch this value it was giving my headache interactive_timeout = 120 <------------------- Watch this value it was giving my headache max_connect_errors = 1000 <------------------- Watch this value it was giving my headache
expire_logs_days = 7
low_priority_updates = 1
max_join_size = 4294967295

This is a dedicated server with 2G, so the others values my not apply to your setup.

Hope that helps.
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