Hello Matt,

thank you for your answer.

On 11.05.2010 23:52, Matt Brookings wrote:
>> int main()
>> {
>>     if (valias_select("info", "rumtun.de") != NULL) {
> valias_select calls vget_assign, which in turn modifies the domain
> field for its purposes.  Because you're providing a pointer to a
> read-only portion of memory, that's one reason why you might be
> segfaulting.
> If you're going to write code that calls vpopmail API, be aware that
> much of vpopmail's API will clobber data you pass to it.

my first fault was to think that 5.5.0 is a stable release. I tried
5.4.30 and it's working again. My 2-lines c-code and the chkuser patch.



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