Hi Nick,

actually, chkuser can do just that, for a well tought (I hope) reason:

when an intruder tries your addresses, it is important to deny informations to him; if we drop connection, he will restart and next two attempts (thinking to your limit=2) will have a true answer... In this way, at the price of some resource wasting, until he tries we refuse to give him a valid information.

Hope this clarifies.


Nick ha scritto:
i successfully aplied chkuser to curent vpopmail & qmail,
i put the 'maxwrongrcpt' limit to just 2 attempts.

i noticed in the logs sometimes spamserver stubbornly keep trying to send, and chkuser keep denying it.

CHKUSER rejected intrusion: from <closeness...@legendpartys.com::> remote <OGFZIZVEA:unknown:> rcpt <dody.setya...@****> : rcpt ignored, session over intrusion threshold

what i wanna know is, when this happen..
is it possible to just interrupt the smtp session, drop it and make
qmail forget about it ? e.g just "exit" the whole session ?
so it won't even bother to send bounce to the sender ?


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