Hello everybody,

I'm just in the process of migrating our mailserver from vmailmgr to
vpomail. The move became necessary because we choosed to use OpenSolaris
instead of Linux. I could not manage to compile the vmailmgr stuff under
OpenSolaris. vpopmail compiled like a charm, so we need to migrate.

The main issue now is, that we patched the vmailmgr auth mechanism to
authenticate against our samba PDC (no LDAP so far). Basically we check
if the user can access a dummy share on the PDC.

As we plan to use dovecot for imap it should be possible to use the same
mechanism by using the chkpasswd authentication backend inside dovecot,
or use the buiktin NTLM authentication.

The question now is, how to authenticate qmailAdmin against samba?

Any suggestions?




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