Hello -

I'm trying to migrate a mail server with Vpopmail from Courier and
Qmail-Pop3d to Dovecot (still using Qmail, Vpopmail, Qmailadmin).  I
know that SMTP-Auth is preferred but we'd like this move to be
seamless for the users (next time we'll go to SMTP-Auth... hopefully)

Anyway, I've got everything working except Pop-before-SMTP.   I
haven't been able to get the system updating the Vpopmail relay table
with the new ip addresses as had been happening on our Courier /
Qmail-pop3d server.  As far as I can tell from the docs, it should
work with the configuration options I've used.

I've recompiled vpopmail and dovecot as follows:

Vpopmail (5.4.30)
./configure --enable-roaming-users
--enable-tcpserver-file=/etc/tcp.smtp --enable-auth-module=mysql
--enable-valias --enable-spamassassin

Dovecot: (currently 1.2.1)
./configure --without-passwd --without-passwd-file --without-shadow
--with-vpopmail --with-mysql CFLAGS="-DHAVE_VPOPMAIL_OPEN_SMTP_RELAY"

I don't see any errors, but the relay table never gets updated despite
successful pop logins.  Am I missing something?  Could it be because I
first configured Dovecot incorrectly (without the CFLAGS=") and if so
what do I remove or change to allow it to work after recompile?

TYVM in advance,


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