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You could setup a version of qmail-smtpd with chkuser debug on, and run
it on a different port, then see detailed log.
You can add custom logging instructions if needed.

for compilation instructions.

But, before that, if you add a brand new domain, and simulate a
delivery, do you have the same problem?

Yeah ! I think we made it ;-)

Actually, creating another new domain reproduce the same problem.

And I fianlly found what is different from the other domains : the content of .qmail-default.

I changed from :
| /var/lib/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail '' bounce-no-mailbox

To :
| /var/lib/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail '' delete

And it works ! Yeah, I checked the message is in the maildir.

I'll now have to check why bounce-no-mailbox is giving a chkuser error.

Many thanks for your help,
Julien Escario

You have a problem with chkuser setup... Could be it is linked to a old vpopmail library, before important changes... or something else like that (like not opening vpopmail.mysql).

With that change (delete instead of bounce), you are excluding chkuser except chkuser logging.

Double check your configuration, because "bounce" is better than "delete".



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