Hi Remo:

Actually we do use Bill Shupp's toaster and find his instructions very easy to 
follow. Unfortunately it's been over three years since he's updated his toaster 
and, I far as I can tell, there are NO instructions for adding an SMTP-AUTH 
only submission port on 587 in addition to the main smtp port on 25.

If you found some special instructions please let me know.

Jeff Koch

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Check bill shupp site you can find anything you need

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Il giorno Sep 11, 2010, alle ore 23:25, Eric Shubert <e...@shubes.net> ha 

> The 'stock' qmail-toaster (http://qmailtoaster.com) contains this.
> The only difference between the smtp/run and submission/run files is that the 
> submission/run file contains the -H flag for tcpserver, and:
> export REQUIRE_AUTH=1
> which tells the authentication patch to always authenticate.
> qmail-toaster includes the following patch:
> Jean-Paul van de Plasse - REQUIRE_AUTH Patch
> which is what checks the REQUIRE_AUTH environment variable.
> You'll need to do some searching to find that patch, or grab it from the 
> qmail-toaster srpm package.
> HTH.
> -- 
> -Eric 'shubes'
> jeffk...@intersessions.com wrote:
>> Hi Thiago – thanks – I’ll give this a try. Jeff
>> *From:* Thiago Bujnowski - Ticonnect Solutions 
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>> You can just create another directory at /var/qmail/supervise with a run 
>> file running on port 587 and using a different tcp.smtp file.
>> I wanted separeted processes for internal and external incoming mail at my 
>> MX server.
>> Here is how I did it:
>> - I followed a regular instalation as described in lifewithqmail + smtpauth.
>> - Instaled Vpopmail
>> - Applied the chkuser patch
>> - Instead of replacing qmail-smtp at /var/qmail/bin I renamed the patched 
>> file to qmail-mx and copied into it.
>> - Created a /var/qmail/supervise/qmail-mx folder and modified the run file 
>> to use qmail-mx instead of qmail-smtp binary and  tcp.mx.cdb instead of 
>> tcp.smtp.cdb, and chaged the listening IP. (You your case, you should modify 
>> the listening port to 587)
>> - Created the link at /service
>> - Modified qmailctl adding the qmail-mx process. (Also generating the 
>> tcp.mx.cdb file from tcp.mx)
>> It works like a charm for me and I think you could just adapt the overall 
>> idea fitting your needs.
>> There is just one inconvenience with this setup. The config files for qmail 
>> (rcpthosts and etc..) must be the same for both processes. It would require 
>> further modifications on qmail-smtp.c to use diferent config files for each 
>> process.
>> Your new CDB file should have no open relays allowing only authenticated 
>> mail to pass through.
>> That should do the trick.
>> Does anyone have a better suggestion?
>>  Regards,
>> Thiago Bujnowski
>>     *From:* Rick Macdougall <mailto:ri...@ummm-beer.com>
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>> Sorry for the top post, on my IPod.
>> If no one answers before tomorrow, I'll reply when I get on my computer.  
>> It's pretty straight forward.
>> Rick
>> On 2010-09-11, at 18:39, <jeffk...@intersessions.com 
>> <mailto:jeffk...@intersessions.com>> wrote:
>>    This may be the wrong forum for this but I can’t seem to find any info.
>>         Does anyone have information on how to setup a second SMTP process
>>    within qmail that listens on port 587 and accepts ONLY authenticated
>>    smtp connections? In this scenario port 25 would accept normal smtp
>>    (non-relay) and smtp-auth traffic but now could also be filtered to
>>    block dynamic IP ranges.
>>         Thanks,
>>         Jeff Koch


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