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On 10/08/2010 11:05 AM, Eric Shubert wrote:
U. George wrote:
It is not clear to me if the same message is sent to multiple users,
or multiple messages to multiple users using the same smtp session.

I don't recall ever seeing multiple messages using the same smtp
session. I presume it can be done simply by following the . (ending one
message) with another "MAIL FROM" command and proceeding with another
message. I just haven't ever (in 4 years of using QMT) seen it in a log.

BUT, I think, if the *last* email rcpt is legit, then the message is
passed along to that legit account irrespective of any any failures
that happened before. I will have to review the mail log to see if
thats true.

That shouldn't be happening. If any one of the recipients is invalid,
the message should be rejected (depending on the bounce/catchall setting
of course). Someone please correct me if I'm wrong on this.

I will have to log the smtpd session to see what the actual conditions

Please let us know what you determine. Inquiring minds want to know. ;)

A receiving SMTP server that is doing recipient validation for a
single message has no reason to reject an entire message simply
because a single RCPT command failed.  If there are three RCPT
commands, two fail, one succeeds, and the sending server continues
sending, the single recipient that was accepted will receive the message.

The sending server may choose to handle the RCPT failure however it
wants, but a receiving server should not reject a DATA command unless
there are no recipients to deliver to (or other protocol errors).

There was actually a 'bug' in an older chkuser that did the exact same thing with Hotmail. If you received an email from Hotmail, with two recipients and one was invalid, the error code chkuser spat out was interpreted literally by Hotmail as a full failure and not a user failure and Hotmail would bounce the entire message to the sender.


I debugged the whole thing only to have Tonix wake up in Italy and say 'yeah, upgrade to the latest version' :)

What version of chkuser are you running?



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