This question kind of touches several projects, but I thought I'd try
here first.   We have vpopmail with dovecot doing IMAP and qmail-pop3d
doing POP3.  We have SSL being handled by sslserver.   I'd like to get
POP3 going with TLS, as it doesn't seem to be doing that now.  Do I need
to move to dovecot for POP3 to handle that?

Secondly, we have a valid wildcard certificate for our domain (i.e.
* in this case).   We created a cert for, our mail server, but it was self signed.  Some
email clients complain about this once and you can tell them to trust
the cert, but many of the complain every time you open the client.  We'd
*like* to use our wildcard certificate to make it valid, but can't seem
to find good instructions on how to do this for either dovecot or
(especially) sslserver.   Can anyone point me in the right direction?

If I should post part or all of this to another list, please let me know.

Trey Nolen


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