On Feb 1, 2011, at 8:17 AM, Alessio Cecchi wrote:
> Is vpopmail/vmoddomlimits unable to manage quota more than 2GB but can manage 
> quota of 2GB -1 byte?

Some quota code uses a signed 32-bit value so, yes, 2GB - 1 is the maximum you 
can represent in that datatype.

I believe more recent versions of vpopmail have a new "vusage" client/daemon to 
manage quotas, and it supports larger quotas.

Keep in mind that the old "maildirsize standard" is implemented in multiple 
locations.  vdelivermail, qmail-local, your POP and IMAP server, QmailAdmin, 
vmoddomlimits, vmoduser, etc.  All of them would need to be reviewed to ensure 
they work correctly for larger sizes.

One proposed fix is to switch to unsigned 32-bit, but that only gets you to 
4GB.  I think others have proposed 64-bits, or even just storing kbytes instead 
of bytes in the file.  I'm sure others will chime in with advice and guidance.



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