Il 08/02/2011 16:09, Matt Brookings ha scritto:
> On 02/08/2011 01:19 AM, Alessio Cecchi wrote:
>>   $ ./configure --enable-mysql-limits --enable-auth-module=mysql
>> --enable-logging=p --enable-maildrop --enable-valias
> Ah, I missed the custom vlimits stuff in the MySQL module.  I fixed
> this in Subversion, and put a new 5.4.33 tarball on SourceForge.

Hi Matt,

I did some tests on your fix. Redownload and Rebuild vpopmail 5.4.33 and
now works fine with 2GB quota, but not with more :-(

For example, if I try to set quota to 4GB:

with vmoduser works fine (as usual)

vpopmail-5.4.33# /home/vpopmail/bin/vmoduser -q4096M
vpopmail-5.4.33# /home/vpopmail/bin/vuserinfo | grep quota
quota:     4294967296S

But with vmoddomlimits I can not set quota over 2GB:

vpopmail-5.4.33# /home/vpopmail/bin/vmoddomlimits -q 4069M
or with
vpopmail-5.4.33# /home/vpopmail/bin/vmoddomlimits -q 4294967296

vpopmail-5.4.33# /home/vpopmail/bin/vmoddomlimits -S | grep Quota
Domain Quota: 0 MB
Default User Quota: 2147483647 bytes

Quota is always 2GB.
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