Many thanks for your help, things are clear now.

Am 15.04.11 16:53, schrieb Matt Brookings:
I don't see any reference to FHS pathing in doc/INSTALL.  The only
change in 5.5 in regards to FHS, is that vpopmail will support alternate
pathing than the default "~vpopmail" style.

This was added to support FHS, but by default, vpopmail plans to
continue its default behavior of installing under the vpopmail user's
home directory.

Sorry, it wasn't the readme file, it was doc/INSTALL, where in the section "12. How 
to use vchkpw with qmail-pop3d server" there are still references to /home/vpopmail.

The plan to keep installation in popmail's home-dir does not make any problems, 
as it's easy to set the home-dir to /var/lib/vpopmail...

Hope that helps!

Another small question upon compilation: 5.4's vusaged can only be compiled 
when vpopmail has already been installed in the target destination - there is 
no way to compile it before installing vpopmail, is there?

Many thanks,

Johannes Weberhofer
Weberhofer GmbH, Austria, Vienna


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