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> If you can digest something that is complicated, please look at
> IndiMail - http://www.indimail.org which does exactly what you
> require. IndiMail modifies qmail-rspawn to look for the location of
> users in a MySQL table called hostcntrl. So you can split users for a
> domain across multiple hosts. In fact one of the host can be MS
> Exchange, one can be lotus notes, etc. Additionally, IndiMail provides
> proxy for IMAP and POP3 so that users can transparently connect to any
> host and yet see their mailbox. Most of the commands in IndiMail are
> same as vpopmail (vadddomain, vadduser, vdeluser, vpasswd, etc) with
> the difference that they work on users distributed across geographical
> domains. IndiMail is a mix of ideas from qmail and vpopmail.

interesting project, I will try

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