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On 05/11/2011 04:49 AM, Hartmut Wernisch | Domaintechnik.at wrote:
> Hello!
> I have installed vpopmail 5.4.33 and I plan to use quotas with vusaged.
> After some research I found that the quota warning messages are sent
> once in 24 hours (except the Maildir/quotawarn file is deleted
> manually).
> Therefor, the owner of the mailbox gets a warning mail, remove some
> mails within the 24 hours and did not recognize if the mailbox is over
> quota until the 24 hours are over. Even worse, he will think that he has
> solved the problem while new mails are bouncing.
> In my opinion it would be better if vpopmail removes the quotawarn file
> if the user is below the quota warning threshold. Vpopmail anyway hast
> to query if the mailbox is over quota on new mails so why not delete an 
> existing
> quotawarn file if the mailbox is below the threshold?

It is done this way because quota usage percentages can easily stay the
same by regular usage.  A user gets some mail, deletes some mail.  The
usage percentage won't change much.

If you set a threshold at which the quota warning is sent, and the
user's regular usage keeps hitting above and below this area, the user
will receive many warnings.

What you really mean to do is adjust how often the user can receive a
warning.  You can find this hardcoded setting in vdelivermail.c around
line 1150 in the deliver_quota_warning function.
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