On 05/24/2011 10:41 PM, Anilkumar null wrote:
Dear All,
I have installed qmail installation according to qmailrocks with mysql as data 
also installed local Bind as catching DNS server.

problem is that i receive lots of e-mail on daily basis and few mails are kept 
in my local queue for more than 4-8 hours.
what will be the issue, due to this problem my remote outqueue mails are also 
increasing, please suggest me some solution.
so that local mails can be cleared easily and faster.


It's hard to tell from what you've given us what the problem might be. What do you see in your send logs? Are any messages at all going through, both local and remote?

FWIW, spamdyke (http://spamdyke.org) will lighten the load on your server.

Also, rather than struggling with QMR, I highly recommend using QMail-Toaster (http://qmailtoaster.com). Everything there is all pre-bundled for you. QMT "just works". Strong community and documentation there as well.
-Eric 'shubes'


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