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On 07/16/2011 01:26 AM, Bulent Malik wrote:

I use vpopmail and dovecot on qmail.
I upgraded vpopmail5.4.23 to 5.4.33 and dovecot1.2.16
Open-smtp file doesn't change when the user logs in.

Is that problem might be different version either of dovecot or vpopmail ?

Dovecot 1.x is old.  Upgrade to 2.x.  Dovecot was not properly testing
for roaming users support at configure time.


I try Dovecot 2.0.13 + the patch for roaming user (http://www.dovecot.org/list/dovecot/2011-June/059506.html) but it is not working. I can switch my configuration between qmail-pop3d and dovecot. When I ise qmail-pop3d, no problem but with dovecot the file /home/vpopmail/etc/open-smtp leaves empty.

If you have any solution, I will be very happy.


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