On 27.07.2011 at 00:56 a...@ltmd.org wrote:
> Just want to add that I tested right now and found that the same fresh
> programs configurations and settings on the clean 32-bit system
> working pretty good. Should I try once again to use recordio program
> on a 64-bit system?

'recordio' only tells what's happening "on the outside", which, as you already 
know, is a rejection.
I'd use 'strace -fF -s 4096 -o /tmp/auth.err -p <TCPSERVER-PID>' to monitor 
what's "behind the curtain".
Execute this command immediately before you start your next test and stop it 
immediately after you failed, because it'll gather data from all connections 
and therefore collect a lot.

Within the output (/tmp/auth.err) you might need to sort out information from 
test-unrelated processes.
But you should also see who's gonna be called for actually doing the 
authentication and why it return non-success.


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