Anyone else using John Simpson's mailhub technique
( for filtering inbound email?

I'm triggering a rebuild of the valid recipient list via vpopmail's
"onchange" feature, with the following script (comments removed for

logger -t onchange "$*"
echo onchange "$@" > /tmp/update-qmail &

But I think I've run into an issue where vpopmail blocks until the
completion of the write to pipe /tmp/update-qmail.  This is problematic
when someone is deleting a bunch of users, because they end up waiting for
one deletion to complete before doing another, and the qmail-updater
service rebuilds the list of valid recipients repeatedly.

I added the trailing "&" to the echo command, in an attempt to get it to
run in the background, but it hasn't helped.

Has anyone else seen this?  I'd really like to modify the setup so that
the update script flushes the pipe whenever it can; accepting multiple
lines of "onchange" data each time.

Tom Collins


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