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> Funny enough I have it on aliases for years and still works great :) 
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 if you read the email you would see this applies to valias & mysql.
Without mysql/ldap/oracle or whatever you just use dot-qmail files under
the /var/vpopmail/domains/domain/ directory.

The whole point of this post is not everything that works in .qmail
files works in SQL vpopmail valiases.

Do you have | pipe characters in your SQL valiases? I doubt it.
Did you have virtualmin setup your vpopmail aliases?

If neither of those apply to you, then you didn't get the point of my
last email.


>> Haven't read your whole email, so I apologize if I'm off base. 
>> vdelivermail should only go in .qmail-default. It should not go in 
>> .qmail-alias files. If you're using it there, you will have problems. 
>> -Tom
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