Dear all,
I don’t know if it is appropriate to post question on autoresponder here. 

I am experiencing an issue with autoresponder 2.0.5.
I had setup Send Vacation Auto-Response on my email account. 
The autoresponse works great.
When 2 accounts have turn on Auto-Response and send mail to each other 
it does not loop.
delivery 10: success:  AUTORESPOND:__Stopping_on_mail_from_[]./did_0+0+1/
But immediately, both the accounts are over quota.
delivery 12: failure: user_is_over_quota//

2 files are generated in the folder Maildir maildirsize and quotawarn

maildirsize contains
24864 23

And whereas quotawarn is an empty file

Any idea what had caused this? Please enlighten me.

Many Thanks


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