On 01/22/2013 11:25 AM, Tom Collins wrote:

I'm not sure what's happening there, but I seem to recall making a change at least in my 
own copy of QmailAdmin to disable users' ability to change catchall status.  In this day 
and age of dictionary spam, I can't see using anything other than 
"bounce-no-mailbox".  Deleting mail just consumes resources by accepting mail 
for any address (and doesn't let legitimate senders know that their mail wasn't 
received). Having a catchall seemed like insanity 5 years ago, and I can't imagine it 
being any better now.

It's actually not a bad thing if you're running spamdyke. Spamdyke catches 90+% of spam without even receiving the message. While I probably wouldn't use a catchall account with a large domain, with small domains it's nice to be able to catch misaddressed mail. A little forgiveness is a good thing. ;)

Also, I typically use "made-up" addresses to give to many places that ask for my email address. For instance, if I'm at some store and they want my email address, I'll give them "somest...@shubes.net" as my address. That way, I can easily tell who I gave the address to. If it's somewhere that I want to continue to receive email from, I'll set up a forward for it (using catchall in the meantime). Otherwise, or in the event that the somestore address becomes spammy, I can blacklist it, either with badmailto or spamdyke.

I know that doesn't help with your current situation, but you might be able to 
search the qmailadmin list archives for posts about disabling that feature, or 
I can try to go through my modified 1.2.12 source to see what I've done to it.

I've had a look at the code, and found that the config.h file, which defines CATCHALL_ENABLED, is not being included in the command.c file. I'm not sure when or why that got dropped, but it effectively removed the commands associated with catchall processing along with it.

I've added an include for config.h to command.c, and that has fixed the problem.

Hey Matt, what's the story here? Can the command.c source be fixed up? I expect it wouldn't hurt to have the code for catchall included all the time in command.c, regardless if catchall is enabled or not. It might be just as well to remove the #ifdef CATCHALL_ENABLED as opposed to including the config.h just for that. Either way, what are the chances of getting this fixed in the next version?


-Eric 'shubes'

On Jan 22, 2013, at 7:47 AM, Eric Shubert wrote:
The qmailadmin list is getting spammed, so I thought I'd post this here as well.

I'm running qmailadmin 1.2.16 (with vpopmail 5.4.33), and when I click on an 
account's catchall button or otherwise attempt to change the catchall status 
for the domain, it simply returns a blank page without having changed anything. 
The url appears to be properly formatted, and I see what appears to be a normal 
message in the apache access log. I'm running QmailToaster on several hosts, 
and they all have this problem.

Will someone be so kind as to tell me how I might troubleshoot this?


-Eric 'shubes'


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