On 04/15/2013 06:42 AM, Russell Sutherland wrote:
Is there a recent/up to date document describing how one uses the LDAP
module backend for authentication? I assume it is called via the
vchkpw interface. I have re-compiled vpopmail with the


option. I am using vpopmail ver. 5.4.33

Thanks in advance.


TTBOMK, ldap support has had a lot of work done to it in v5.5.x. Last I knew (which has been many months ago), Matt was still working on finalizing the ldap schema for 5.5.x, but that was all that was left to be done. He may or may not have completed that work.

I plan to give vpopmail ldap support a go at some point, but I wouldn't bother trying it with 5.4.33. I plan to use the 5.5 branch.

I'd like to hear from Matt to confirm that I have this correct.

I'd also appreciate hearing about your progress here on this list, if you'd care to keep us posted.


-Eric 'shubes'


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