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Simple question I hopeā€¦

What's the recommendation on the vpopmail side on integrating Dovecot's LDA for 
final delivery?

I've seen various suggestions, including just calling it from the user's .qmail 
file.  In that particular case, it's not at all clear to me how other tools 
that would touch that file (like qmailadmin) would be taught to not alter the 
call to dovecot_lda.  I imagine it would get munged everytime a user went to 
setup a vacation message or forward.

Also I'm in the midst of upgrading from 5.4.10 to 5.4.33.  I see that there's 
new support to have vdelivermail handle the call to spamc for tagging, and also 
support to have maildrop handle the filtering.  A few questions regarding this 
setup if vpopmail is configured to use spamc and maildrop:

* Is maildrop always doing the final delivery?
* What's the message flow when a .qmail file is encountered that has a forward?
* What's the message flow when a .qmail file is encountered that's piping to 
maildrop (we have a ton of these on the old system, I assume I'd have to find 
and nuke all of them)?
* Does this limit qmailadmin's abilities at all?
* If using valias, do we filter a message before forwarding offsite?

Hoping the list is still alive, didn't even realize I'm still subscribed here!




I think that a possibile solutions could be a configuration where vpopmail is configured to call maildrop and maildrop "sent" the messagge to an LMTP server (Postfix) that use dovecot LDA to delivery the email in the Maildir. LMTP is fast and can also be used with Dovecot Director, Director is needed when you have a shared storage and more than one POP/IMAP server.

From the qmail/vpopmail point of view this configuration will be transparent.

From the maildrop point of view is necessary find the rigth "script" (email -> pipe to LMTP) and insert in /etc/maildroprc.

Could be an idea?

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