Anything further on this?

 Hello Eric,

 Since I didn't get any answer from vpopmail developers, I created my own
solution: a wrapper, vsanitize, which you use in command invocation in
.qmail file, i.e. instead of writing
| foobar args
you invoke
| vsanitize foobar args
and foobar will be called with the environment cleaned up from the
virtualdomains hack.
 Caveat: qmail-command lines are interpreted by /bin/sh, so be careful
with environment variables:
| qreceipt $EXT@HOST
should be rewritten as
| exec vsanitize sh -c 'exec qreceipt $USER@$HOST'
(of course, it's easier to use "import" from the execline package).

 Software that automatically creates .qmail files, like qconfirm, has to
be configured to prefix qmail-command invocations with vsanitize. Most
.qmail-aware software has options for this.

 It depends on skalibs:
 Compile with: gcc -O2 -o vsanitize -I<your skalibs include dir> -L <your skalibs 
library dir> vsanitize.c -lstddjb


FWIW2, I'm toying with the idea of making the vpopmail QMT package LSB 
compliant (which very few packages actually are).

 LSB is a very poor "standard". Don't waste your time.



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