Hi all,

Recently I tested vpopmail-5.4.25 / 5.4.33 with maildrop 2.7 / 2.8.2, I
found that it will add a "From " header to the first line of email, like this:

>From r...@helloworld.com Fri Jun 26 06:27:19 2015

However while I use maildrop 2.6, there is no such problem. I found that
vdelivermail.c of vpopmail contains this line:

        sprintf(maildrop_command, "| preline %s", MAILDROP_PROG);

After I removed "preline ", then the maildrop won't add "From " header
anymore. And I checked preline is the qmail binary which is

After discussing with Sam Varshavchik of courier-mta (discussion is here: 
http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.mail.maildrop/5331/focus=5331 , thread id is
5331 - 5339), preline let maildrop think it's delivering to an mbox file, so
that the From_ line is added.

I tried to figure out in source of vpopmail & maildrop but no luck, could
anyone help? Now I don't know the problem should be solved in vpopmail or

Besides, is it safe to remove "preline " like this:

        sprintf(maildrop_command, "| %s", MAILDROP_PROG);


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