Author: arkurth
Date: Wed Aug 25 16:07:37 2010
New Revision: 989194

Added command to release DHCP before shutting down. I have seen a case where a 
DHCP address was obtained, then the address was statically set to another 
address.  The original DHCP address lease was cached in the image.  When the 
captured image was loaded and requested a DHCP address, it requested its 
specific address it had obtained via DHCP resulting in a DHCP NAK response.  It 
never obtained a private IP address and the load failed.


Modified: incubator/vcl/trunk/managementnode/lib/VCL/Module/OS/
--- incubator/vcl/trunk/managementnode/lib/VCL/Module/OS/ (original)
+++ incubator/vcl/trunk/managementnode/lib/VCL/Module/OS/ Wed Aug 25 
16:07:37 2010
@@ -3083,6 +3083,8 @@ sub shutdown {
                $shutdown_command .= "$system32_path/netsh.exe interface ip set 
address name=\\\"$public_interface_name\\\" source=dhcp & ";
                $shutdown_command .= "$system32_path/netsh.exe interface ip set 
dnsservers name=\\\"$public_interface_name\\\" source=dhcp & ";
+               $shutdown_command .= "$system32_path/ipconfig.exe /release & ";
                $shutdown_command .= "$system32_path/route.exe DELETE 
MASK & ";
        else {

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