Author: jfthomps
Date: Mon Sep 13 17:08:34 2010
New Revision: 996603

moved HELPFAQURL out of required section
added descriptions to HELPURL, HELPEMAIL, ERROREMAIL, $clickThroughText


Modified: incubator/vcl/trunk/web/.ht-inc/conf-default.php
--- incubator/vcl/trunk/web/.ht-inc/conf-default.php (original)
+++ incubator/vcl/trunk/web/.ht-inc/conf-default.php Mon Sep 13 17:08:34 2010
@@ -23,10 +23,11 @@ define("ONLINEDEBUG", 1);     // 1 to di
 define("BASEURL", "";);   // no trailing slash - all of 
the URL except /index.php
 define("SCRIPT", "/index.php");                 // this should only be 
"/index.php" unless you rename index.php to something else
-define("HELPURL", "";);
-define("HELPFAQURL", "";);
-define("HELPEMAIL", "");
-define("ERROREMAIL", "");
+define("HELPURL", "";); // URL pointed to by the 
"Help" link in the navigation area
+define("HELPEMAIL", "");        // if an unexpected error 
occurs, users will be prompted that they can email
+                                                    //   this address for 
further assistance
+define("ERROREMAIL", "");      // if an unexpected error 
occurs, the code will send an email about it to
+                                                    //   to this address
 define("ENVELOPESENDER", "");   // email address for 
envelope sender of mail messages
                                                      //   if a message gets 
bounced, it goes to this address
 define("COOKIEDOMAIN", "");       // domain in which cookies are 
@@ -38,6 +39,11 @@ date_default_timezone_set('America/New_Y
 $blockNotifyUsers = ""; // comma delimited list of email 
addresses to which
                                              // a notification will be sent 
when new block allocation
                                              // requests are submitted and 
awaiting approval
+// Any time someone creates a new image, they will be required to agree to a 
click through
+//   agreement.  This is the text that will be displayed that the user must 
agree to.
+//   Place a '%s' where you want the 'I agree' and 'I do not agree' buttons to 
be placed.
+//   PLEASE NOTE: you at least need to change the email address
 $clickThroughText =
 "<center><h2>Installer Agreement</h2></center>
 <p>As the creator of the VCL image, you are responsible for understanding and 
@@ -82,6 +88,7 @@ define("USEFILTERINGSELECT", 1); // set 
use them for selects up to this size
 define("DEFAULTTHEME", 'default'); // this is the theme that will be used when 
the site is placed in maintenance if $_COOKIE['VCLSKIN'] is not set
+define("HELPFAQURL", "";);
 $ENABLE_ITECSAUTH = 0;     // use ITECS accounts (also called "Non-NCSU" 

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