A couple of the issues below were completed earlier, just making note of them here in addition to jira.


"The monitoring loop in xCAT.pm's capture_monitor subroutine is not correctly displaying the attempt number. The attempt is not being incremented. It always displays "attempt 1/80":"

Added to the comments:
Not an issue - but need to probably remove the notify statement and reduce the limit from 80 to something much lower.

Background - during the capture_monitor process for xCAT, vcld checks on the image size that has been captured and confirms the state of the node boot or image. If the image size is large and the capture_loop_count didn't get reset there is a good chance the image creation process will be reported as failed. The fix was to reset the capture_loop_count to 0 if the image_size increases.

Date: Wed Dec 17 09:07:27 2008
New Revision: 727440

URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc?rev=727440&view=rev
xCAT: caputure_monitor routine, reset capture_loop_count = 0 if
image_size increases. On large image captures this limit gets hit if not

allow dynamic change of predictive loading module
Completed and submitted under revision 728067

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