My turn now ...

my name is Frank Schwichtenberg and my current project at IBM made me 
aware of the vcl project.
I work for IBM for a while now (I started in 1990) and have been involved 
in IBM's early internet projects (starting 1992)
(Tennis, Golf, atlanta olympics, deep blue chess match web sites and a web 
content management and delivery system etc).

<buzz words>
This made me focus on infrastructure and highly scalable infrastructures.
Luckily I was able to focus on many adtech related proof of concepts and 
showcases, so I have been working on many technologies.
To name a few: Directory (LDAP), message (jabber) driven architectures, 
web 2.0 stuff a windows based pre-web2.0 like application framework.
I have been IBM's technical lead of a GRID oriented collaboration with 
some local universities (NEBIOGRID).
In recent years our team covered semantic web technologies in interesting 
prototypes that were partly infrastructure oriented as well. (RDF/sparql 
queries into an overlay network to drive web2.0 dashboards) another one 
worth noting may be virtual appliances and granular automatic 

My current focus is Cloud Computing infrastructure.
</buzz words>

On a personal note:
While I am originally from Germany I currently live in Natick, MA/USA with 
my beloved wife and two great kids.


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