Centennial Networking Lab has started writing an ESX provisioning module for VCL, and we have proof-of-concept VCL module code that is doing successful deployments of virtual machines to an ESX 3i hypervisors.

We have a few questions:

1) Where does the responsibility of the provisioning module stop. Right now we have the module copying the files, registering the VM, and turning it on. Do we need to do anything else, or is that too much? (such as waiting for the machine to boot before returning)

2) How do we deal with cleaning a hypervisor up after the reservation is complete? With the current architecture, there is no deprovisioning API for the modules, which VCL could call when a reservation is done, so we can unregister and clean up the VM. That would seem like the best way to do this, but until then, we need to find a workaround. Since VMs are currently based on slots, we can identify them by their slot name/number and clean them up when the next provisioning load event happens for that slot. Does this sound like an appropriate solution for now?

3) What variable is the slot name/number in the datastructure handed to the module?

4) How should the virtual machines users get setup with our module? Are the OS module components functional enough, or do we need to add code in our provisioning module for this?

Brian & Andrew

Brian Bouterse
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