What is the purpose of the loadlog table? Currently the ESX provisioning module doesn't update any information in the loadlog table, and the provisioning works fine. We're working on the capture() portions now, and when we go through the web interface to have it "capture" our reservation, vcld warns saying:

|25052|72:72|image| ---- WARNING ----
|25052|72:72|image| 2009-02-06 11:19:56|25052|72:72|image| vcld:main(272)|reservation 72 is already being processed
|25052|72:72|image| ( 0) utils.pm, notify (line: 683)
|25052|72:72|image| (-1) vcld, main (line: 272)

Is this normal for the "image update" process?


Brian Bouterse
Secure Open Systems Initiative

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