Hello Eric,

Yes - you are correct the VCL code base is currently available through Apache Software Foundation(ASF) incubation site.

Since this is an ASF incubation project we are still in the forming stages.

The code is available directly from the ASF incubation repository:

There is a wiki site which we are slowly adding documentation on various parts:

This is the development mailing list, so any question that you ask will have the full attention of the developers and folks at locations that are running it for semi-production to production use.

Another list vcl-u...@incubator.apache.org is another list aimed at general administrative, configuration, setup type of questions.

You can fill free to ask questions on either list.


--On February 18, 2009 1:12:25 PM -0500 Eric Hoth <eh...@wcpss.net> wrote:

It was mentioned at a Raleigh ISSA meeting that the VCL code was
available; did I miss it on the incubator site?  Who would be able to
answer questions regarding VCL use or more clearly its appropriateness in
our environment?


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