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The real challenge in all of this is making sure that you are wearing the correct hat. The ASF does not recognize corporations (or universities) as such with exception to code grant provided by them. The ASF looks at this project as a standalone entity that is complete separate from NCSU. The committers are volunteering their time to this project because they are interested in it, not because someone is paying them to do this work. Certainly there are times where a person's passion lines up with how they are making a living but that is considered a good situation.

In order for this project to graduate from Incubator to a TLP it has to demonstrate a working independence from its origins. As far as the ASF is concerned, if NCSU decided to not continue investing in this area would the project die. If that is the case, then it is not truly an independent community. Our goal in the Incubator is to build that independent community.

There have been many times since November that the issue of the name came up. The fact that it is inextricably linked to NCSU makes it hard for people to objectively say that it is a separate community.

I'm not being critical, just trying to state the obvious.

To be honest, if the name was changed but there was still a clear tie to NCSU the project would still have difficulty getting the support to graduate from the Incubator. I for one could not support it based on where w are at today. Time will tell.


On Feb 23, 2009, at 11:06 AM, Josh Thompson wrote:

I'm wearing my NCSU hat while writing this email.

NCSU is absolutely doing #2 and actively making an effort to *not* do #1.

I just realized that some of the confusion is probably coming from content at the vcl.ncsu.edu website. There is a lot of information there that would lead people to think we may be doing #1. Consider all of that content to be old and just not yet updated. We've held off on updating it because of all of this discussion about the name. We'd rather not go to all of the trouble to change everything there to talk about VCL being developed at ASF and then end up changing the ASF name to something other than VCL, causing us to have
to change everything again to reflect the new name.

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