Sounds good - lets do it.

'systemuser' as a name works for me. I can't think of any conflicts.


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On Tue March 3 2009 10:00:03 am Andy Kurth wrote:
> In working on the API for block reservations (VCL-78), I've realized
> there needs to be an owner for any block reservations created via the
> API. Additionally, when the backend uses the API to process an existing
> block reservation, it will need to use some userid to authenticate.
> Should we create a new user for such tasks in addition to the vclreload
> user?  Should we rename the vclreload user? Should we just keep using
> the vclreload user for any system based tasks and just keep the name
> even though it doesn't reflect the use?

I'm not familiar with how the XML RPC API stuff works so bear with me and
correct me if I'm reading things incorrectly.  The backend provides
credentials in order to use the XML RPC API.  Is vclreload being used for

Actually, the backend isn't using the XML RPC API for anything right now.
For  the block reservation API that I'm currently working on (and for
anything  else in the future), I think whatever we determine in this
thread should be  used as the account with which the backend
authenticates to the frontend.

I understand the next step when the backend asks the API to generate
reload requests for a given blockrequest/blocktime.  The reload requests
each need to have a user assigned to them, currently vclreload.


- From what Aaron said in his response about the number of locations
vclreload  is used in the backend code, it sounds like renaming it to
something  like 'systemuser' would not be too difficult.  We'd need to
create a JIRA  issue for it and coordinate working on that issue on the
frontend, database,  and backend all at the same time.

How does that sound?

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