Although I helped create the VCL 1.9 VM, I'm only useful to help solve VCL and ESX related problems. The kickstart stuff is all xcat driven, and xcat is a different provisioning module than the module. The VCL 1.9 VM lacks the provisioning code so to deploy to ESX using netboot you'll need to update to the latest code in the SVN. To look at the latest code for the different provisioning modules see here:

You can download the latest snapshot of the code from the SVN at This code contains the ESX provisioning module with instructions on how to set it up. Those instructions are here:

To add an virtual machine image, such that the module above can deploy it, build the linux image in the following way:

When the 2.1 VCL release happens (not sure when), will be making a virtual machine version available also.

Does this help?


Brian Bouterse
Secure Open Systems Initiative

On Mar 30, 2009, at 8:26 AM, 杨杰 wrote:

I am now trying to reload the ESX image to the blades now, but some error appear when reloading. The errors sound like something about the kickstart and i am using the vcl 1.9.0 got from now.what is
the reason of the failure ?

And i want to create a vmware image to reload. How can I make it ? And where
should i put it in the vcl ?

Thank you !

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