I am trying to make a reservation on a new install of VCL but the reservation 
keeps failing. The management node is a virtual machine created within a ESX 
server which is hosting the images for VCL to load. I noticed in the 
highlighted area below that I am missing a directory that has looks for a 
key(most likely public key for ESX????). I did not see any steps in creating 
such a directory on the management node and also I did not see any instructions 
on ssh authentication between ESX and the management node. What am I missing 
here? Is there somewhere that has new instructions on building VCL with steps 
included for hosting the management node on an ESX server?
Thanks in advance,

10:09:43|19365|12:12|new|utils.pm:run_ssh_command(6848)|failed to run SSH 
command after 4 attempts, command: /usr/bin/ssh -i 
/etc/vcl/bladelinuxkey_id_rsa  -l root -p 24 -x esx1_1 'cat currentimage.txt' 
2>&1, exit status: 255, output:
|19365|12:12|new| ssh output (cat curren...): Warning: Identity file 
/etc/vcl/bladelinuxkey_id_rsa not accessible: No such file or directory.
|19365|12:12|new| ssh output (cat curren...): ssh: connect to host esx1_1 port 
24: Connection refused

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