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It all sounds good to me.


On Thursday April 30, 2009, Andy Kurth wrote:
> I'm beginning to work on the backend code regarding following issues. 
> Please let me know if you have any suggestions.
> VCL-20: Configuration of sshd port for image retrieval
> Utils.pm::get_request_info() and DataStructure.pm need to be updated to
> handle the managementnode.sshport column.  The provisioning modules'
> retrieve_image() subroutines need to be updated to use this.
> VCL-118: Add delay to run_ssh_command() & run_scp_command() retry attempts
> These subs currently make 3 attempts using port 22, and a 4th using port
> 24. There is no delay in between attempts.  A node may be booting up or
> processing the update Cygwin script when the attempts are made.  It would
> eventually respond but run_s**_command() doesn't wait long enough.  I'm
> thinking of adding a progressive delay in between attempts.  The 4th
> attempt will be removed once VCL-20 is resolved and the port number is
> passed to run_ssh_command() where necessary.  How about:
> Between 1st & 2nd attempt: 3 seconds
> Between 2nd & 3rd attempt: 15 seconds
> VCL-120: Add subroutine to set IE's runonce registry keys so user isn't
> presented with it
> Add subroutine to set IE's runonce registry keys so user isn't presented
> with it This will be added to Windows_mod.pm and will be called from
> pre_capture().
> VCL-62: Calls to _rpower in Windows.pm cause reservation processes to die
> I think this has been resolved but I'll make sure and update the issue.
> VCL-120: Update reclaim.pm
> Needs to be updated to use DataStructure.pm instead of direct hash data.
> -Andy
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