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I haven't finished reading through all of the details in the document you 
created in the wiki, but it seems to be a design document for a new/different 
cloud system.  I didn't see anything explaining how it relates to VCL in its 
current form or a roadmap providing a migration path from the current form to 
what you've designed.

That aside, can you explain further why you are proposing this?  I think I'm 
seeing a bit of a cart before the horse issue here where you've designed out 
something new before there's been any discussion on this list about whether 
or not large parts of VCL should be redesigned.

After explaining your reasoning further, I think it would be a good idea for 
us (the community) to have a discussion on this list about any areas of VCL 
that are needing to be redesigned.


On Monday May 11, 2009, Brian Bouterse wrote:
> I propose exploring an alternative VCL architecture through an
> experimental code branch at Apache.org.  This code would be housed in
> the svn at apache.org as a branch, and would be explored/developed in
> parallel with the current 2.X branch.  The purpose of this branch is
> to explore a VCL architecture that allows the following:
> To allow VCL manage fluid resources (virtualized) more effectively
> Increase modularity by decoupling VCL components from a single,
> monolithic database via APIs
> Manage storage resources
> Create a database abstraction layer
> Increase image library confidentiality and integrity
> I've put a first-pass design document on the apache VCL wiki which
> outlines the architecture proposed with some level of detail.  That
> document is located here: 
> http://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/VCL/Experimental+VCL+Architectur
> I'd like feedback of all kinds from the Apache VCL community to
> explore the architecture's merits and challenges at both the
> architectural and implementation levels.
> Best,
> Brian
> Brian Bouterse
> Secure Open Systems Initiative
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