I've just made a clarification on the vcl experimental architecture

In regards to the core's frontend API interface about values including
image_id, ticket_id, and so fourth, the frontend needs to map which resource
manager corresponds to those values, but they may or may not be unique. To
solve this, it needs to be paired with its resource manager id. Here's how
that will work:

"Above" the core, i.e. in communication with a frontend, values such as
image_id and ticket_id will be a tuple: (resource_manager_id, actual_id)

"Below" the core, i.e. in communication with a resource manager, these
values will be just a single integer.

This way the core won't need to keep some kind of mapping (which wouldn't
work anyways since the ids are only unique to a single resource manager) nor
will it need to poll all resource managers for the right one. The frontend
will be responsible for passing both values back to the core.

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