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There are 2 APIs.  One is an XML RPC API that is for interacting with a full 
install of VCL.  The second is the API for creating backend modules.

The documentation for the XML RPC API should be available at your own vcl 
website under the Documentation link in the left navigation area.  This API 
does not expose all of the functionality that can be done through the web 
interface, but it is growing and is easy to extend.  If you don't see the 
Documentation link, you need to add your userid (from the user table) to the 
$docreaders array in .ht-inc/vcldocs.php.

There is a legacy reason for using this $docreaders array that sill exists 
from when the code was developed at NCSU.  I'll create a JIRA issue to change 
that to either be available to all users or to be configurable so that it can 
be available to all users without having to add them to the array.

The documentation for the backend module API is available at the apache 
confluence space in the child pages of:



On Friday May 15, 2009, 杨杰 wrote:
> Hi,
> We are now trying to integrate VCL as a provision manager to a load
> banlancing tool. The experiment may help us to manage the VMs according to
> the server load automatically.
> The task demands definite understand on the API of VCL, which will
> considerably advance our experiment. How could i get it ? or is there any
> website to view the API document ?
> Thank you !
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