HI, I have one more question, which is a problem in our experiment. We are
now using the esxi with free license. When trying to take the operations
like vmcreate or vmcontrol, we receive an error command saying that we are
trying a restricted operation. The cmds are as shown:

> Error in 'Redh5' under host esxi2.p12.edu.cn: VM 'Redh5' can't be powered
> off

> SOAP Fault:
Fault string: fault.RestrictedVersion.summary

 The question has been submitted to the mailing list some days before. As
the reply, we confirmed the reason on the both conditions of non-license and
free-license, but the operations still succeeded without license and failed
with a free license. Some discussions in the vmware official forum show that
the free license is restricted from modification operations.

Have you encountered the problem ? And is there any way to solve the problem

Yang Jie(杨杰)

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